Ecuadorian cocoa is globally recognized as the best in the world, due to its unbeatable characteristics on flavor and scent. Ecuador produces two types of cocoa:

  • Fine or flavor cocoa: Unique flavor and scent, essential to produce delicious gourmet chocolate, coveted globally.
  • CCN-51 Cocoa: Known for its high-performance characteristics to extract semi-elaborated items, indispensable for scale production of chocolate, pastry products, beauty products, etc.


  • Cocoa paste: Obtained from fermented cocoa beans, which allows to preserve the purest chocolate flavor. Convenient for ice cream, milk, cookies, toppings, chocolate powder, pastries or tobacco mix.
  • Cocoa butter: Appropriate to produce chocolates, ice cream, cosmetics, pharmaceutical items, only component used to fabricate white chocolate.
  • Cocoa liquor: Appropriate to produce chocolates and toppings, attains and preserves the purest chocolate flavor.
  • Chocolate: Known as chocolate fondant, bitter, amer or pure. Available on different proportions and bitterness concentrations, attaining even 99%. Available for final consumption with different combinations, with passion fruit, orange, chili, salt, macadamia nut, almond, banana, among others.
  • Chocolate topping: Usually used by bakers and chocolate-makers, it can be dark or with milk.
  • Cocoa powder: Obtained from milling cocoa cake, which is acquired from pressing cacao liquor. It does not contain additives.
  • Cocoa liquor/ cocoa mass/ cocoa paste: Obtained from milling nibs. It does not contain additives and can be used to produce cocoa butter, cocoa cake, cocoa powder and chocolates.
  • Cocoa nibs: It is subjected to a roasting process. It does not contain additives. It is subjected to milling to obtain cocoa liquor or paste.
  • Fine/flavor cocoa organic beans.

Fine/flavor cocoa has distinctive characteristics on flavor and scent which are coveted by chocolate producers. It represents only 5% of the cocoa production in the world.

Due to its geographic conditions and its resource wealth, Ecuador is the quintessential producer of fine/flavor Arriba Cocoa (63% of the production in the world) stemming from the National variety, whose flavor has been renowned in the international market for centuries. This type of bean is used on all refined chocolates. However, it is not very well known that fine chocolate is distinguished by its purity, specially by cocoa flavor and scent.

Source: Anecacao

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