Ecuador is the world’s leading exporter of banana, it has great nutritional characteristics and is rich in
potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A,B,C, which places it on the top positions regarding consumer preferences globally, ideal for athletes and children.


Variety: Cavendish Banana, Organic Banana
Class: “A” Premium. First Class
Size per finger: Minimum 18 cm.
Caliber: 39 – 46 mm.
Number of fingers per hand: 5 – 12 fingers.
Age of fruit: 10-13 weeks.
Boxes: Boxes 22XU (19.5 net KG or 20 net KG) 1200 non-palletized boxes or 1080 palletized boxes.
Envelope: cover, bottom, cardboard, and vacuum bag or polipack
Other varieties: baby banana, red banana.

Most products come from high-tech plantations with certifications of standards of quality such as GLOBALGAP norms, Organic Production and Fairtrade.

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